Director John Murphy speaking to the crowd at the Measure For Measure opening

This is it, we’ve offically opened both stages! 

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It’s your first time performing at Bard this year. What has the experience been like for you?

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A couple of months ago one of our Box Office agents asked a patron, while booking their tickets: “Do you have a preference for seating?” to which the patron replied: “I don’t know, WWCGS?”

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Lynn, Sue & Marylin enjoying a picnic before the show

What a Canada Day weekend it has been!

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Twelfth Night Opens!

What a week! From Jessies to dress rehearsals to opening nights, it’s been all hands on deck and the late June rain hasn’t deterred any of you, our enthusiastic audiences – it’s cozy and dry in the tents!

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Shakespeare In a Nutshell

Want to find out a bit more about the plays this season, straight from the experts? Come down to the Village in the hour before the show and our talented presenters will give you a 10 minute synopsis to get you up to speed on the play you’re about to see and wow your friends with fascinating facts they didn’t know!

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In a world where one may smile, and smile, and be a villain… where madness in great ones must not unwatched go, three women must break through from deception and treachery to present the most phenomenal Bard Village experience ever known to mankind! Ladies and gentlemen, (cue drum roll) meet your Bard Village superstars!

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Have you seen Twelfth Night already? If you have you’ll remember the beautiful music and songs that our talented cast lend their voices to. This year, Bard newbie Jeremy Spencer rose to the challenge of composing a style of music that would illuminate 1913 Illyria and he did it all from Calgary! We found out from the man himself how this all came about.

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This year a garden oasis, next year a Vanier Park paradise – the greening of the Bard site has begun! Over the last few weeks SO much has been going on down at the park it’s hard to keep up: rehearsals, the Box Office moving in, volunteer training, and of course the tents going up.

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Wardrobe malfunctions and other technical mishaps are always a possibility during live performance but nothing could prepare the audience for what was about to happen at the Twelfth Night dress rehearsal last night. Our invited volunteers, members, board members and staff streamed down to the Village in Vanier Park, to be this season’s very first audience members!

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