Bard Village

In a Nutshell

Our insightful talks take place before every performance (excluding weekday matinees). Don’t miss this easy, informal preview of the story and characters in the play you’re about to see. It’s included in your ticket price!


On-site Services

Helpful Hints When Attending Bard

  • The Bard site is open 60 minutes before curtain.
  • Site is wheelchair accessible. Special seating must be requested at time of booking.
  • Dress casually and warmly (bring a sweater or jacket) as the temperature drops after sunset.
  • Look for signs on the Parking lot kiosks stating the length of performances, to help you purchase the right amount of time. Note: you can register online at and use your phone to pay.
  • Please exit the site quietly as a courtesy to local residents.
  • Outside food & beverages are allowed on site and inside the theatre. No alcoholic beverages can be brought in from outside. Note: a selection of wine, beer and cider are available for purchase in the Village and they can be taken into the theatres.

Concession, Bar & Boutique

  • The Concession, Bar and Bard Boutique are located on site in the Bard Village. They are open for 60 minutes before every performance and during intermission, with the exception of the Bar, which is closed during weekday matinees. Cash, credit and debit cards accepted.
  • The Concession offers a selection of hot and cold drinks, light snacks, popcorn, candy, and cookies.
  • The Bar offers a selection of red and white wine plus beer and ciders. Alcohol not purchased at Bard is prohibited on site. 
  • The Bard Boutique offers a wide selection of Shakespearean books, scripts, mementos, souvenirs and clothing.

Courtesy Reminders

  • Please turn off anything that beeps. It is very important to turn off wristwatch alarms, cell phones, and beepers for the duration of the show. If you are concerned about missing an emergency call, please leave your device, name and seat location with an usher and we will alert you if a call comes through.
  • You are welcome to take pictures of the theatre and the set until the performance starts. Photography is prohibited when actors are performing.
  • Please be modest with your use of fragrances as some patrons may have allergies.
  • Bard permits snacks and drinks in the theatre, but we ask that you enjoy them quietly.
  • Please wait until intermission or after the performance to discuss the show. Even whispers carry!