Student Group Bookings

There’s nothing like experiencing a Shakespeare play live in performance, and there’s nowhere like Bard on the Beach to see Shakespeare! We provide steeply discounted tickets for student groups to select weekday matinees in June and September, and to select evening previews in June.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Set against a backdrop of the early Industrial Revolution, this comic masterpiece takes us to a place where the natural and supernatural worlds have merged, with elves, goblins, and talking trees guiding the way. Lysander believes she has just as much right to marry Hermia as Demetrius, who is Hermia’s father’s choice. But the law says otherwise, so Hermia and Lysander run away together, pursued by Demetrius, who is in turn pursued by the love-struck Helena. Meanwhile, Peter Quince the carpenter gathers his friends and fellow workers to perform a play in honour of an upcoming royal wedding. Bottom, the weaver, believes she should play all the roles because of her extraordinary talent, but settles for just playing the lead. This group also leaves the city so they can rehearse in secret. The four young lovers and the troupe of stumbling actors enter the enchanted woods on a journey of discovery to find out who they are, whom they love, and why it matters. Join them to see what lies beyond the ordinary – and be captured by the magic!

Henry V

Set in a mythical realm and inspired by medieval fantasy, Henry V is a sweeping, emotional tale of two kingdoms at war. Young King Hal moves from innocence to hard-won experience as he leads his country into battle. He’s struggling against the advice of his senior counsellors, his own doubts, and the spectres of two powerful paternal figures: his father, Henry IV, and the trickster Falstaff. This riveting story explores what burden is placed on our young leaders when they face conflict, what price they pay, and how much blood will be on their hands. This production weaves in elements from Shakespeare’s Henry IV plays to amplify powerful relationships and shed light on the emotional life of the young warrior king. Kate Besworth (The Taming of the Shrew, 2019) plays King Henry.

Also playing in our 2020 Festival season: A Jazz Age Love’s Labour’s Lost filled with singing and dancing, and Paradise Lost, Erin Shields’ provocative modern adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem. For more information on bringing a student group to a regular performance of these plays, please contact the School Programs Assistant.


June 3 | 1PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream
June 4 | 1PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream
June 19 | 1PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Because our Student Matinees are limited, student groups are also encouraged to attend select evening performances. Tickets are available at the Student Group Rate for the following evening previews:

June 11 | 7:30PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream
June 12 | 7:30PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream
June 16 | 7:30PM Henry V
June 17 | 7:30PM Henry V
June 18 | 7:30PM Henry V

Start your school year with Bard! We want as many students as possible to see our productions. As we finalize our 2020 performance schedule, we want to respond to demand. Let us know in your booking request which production you’d like to see and when you’re able to attend. We will confirm the schedule and your requests by the end of May.

Request Tickets

STEP 1 – NOW Create your online Bard account and add or update your credit card information. We suggest doing this before booking requests open – that way, you’re one step closer to submitting your ticket request! If you prefer to pay by cheque, please indicate this on your booking request form.
STEP 2 – STARTING MARCH 4 Request your tickets by filling out our online request form. If we are able to fulfill your request, we will process 50% of your total payment to the credit card on file and will email you a receipt.
STEP 3 – ONE MONTH BEFORE PERFORMANCE Confirm your numbers and make your final payment. All payments received are non-refundable, so please contact the School Programs Assistant before your final payment if you would like to change the number of tickets on your order. Final payments for June Student Matinees and Previews are due on May 15. Final payments for September Student Matinees are due on September 9.
STEP 4 – THREE WEEKS BEFORE PERFORMANCE Visit our website for tips on planning your day.
STEP 5 – DAY OF PERFORMANCE Pick up your tickets at the Box Office.
  • Student Group tickets are $23.50 per student.
  • We provide 1 free chaperone ticket for every 15 student tickets purchased. Additional chaperone tickets will be available at our regular Group Rate price.
  • Please advise us of any accessibility needs you or your students may have by filling out the booking request form or by contacting the School Programs Assistant. For more information about accessibility at Bard, please click here.

Your Visit

Before the Show

  • Learn more about the plays on our website: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and Paradise Lost by Erin Shields. Check back here in May for more resources.
  • Visit our maps and directions page for driving, transit, and parking directions.
  • Plan for everyone in your group to arrive 45-60 minutes before show time. Groups arriving less than 30 minutes in advance may miss some of the performance.
  • Plan your lunch: Students are welcome to bring packed lunches to eat before the show. Snacks, sandwiches, and beverages will also be available at our concession (cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard accepted).
        • Takeout and café options are available nearby on Cornwall Avenue. Please arrive at least 1.5 hours before the show begins to allow time to walk there, order, and be back in the Bard Village 45 minutes before curtain.
  • Students are welcome to dress casually, but we suggest dressing for the weather. We recommend wearing a sweater or jacket and comfy shoes.

At the Show

  • Tickets may be picked up by the chaperone whose name is on the order starting 1 hour before show time. If another adult will be picking up the tickets, please notify our Box Office staff ahead of time.
  • The Bard Village, including concession and boutique, will open 1 hour prior to showtime. Please plan to arrive 45-60 minutes before showtime.
  • All seats are reserved, and we ask that all students sit in the seat noted on their ticket. However, students are welcome to trade tickets with other students in their group before entering the theatre.

Bard in the Classroom

Enrich your visit with a Bard in the Classroom workshop! We’d be delighted to come to your school to run a workshop. Or, if you’re travelling from farther away, it may be possible to organise a workshop at the BMO Theatre Centre in Vancouver, where we design and rehearse our productions. Please email to find out more.



When can I request tickets?

Booking requests for June and September shows will open on March 4, 2020. June ticket requests will be considered immediately. September ticket requests will be held in reserve and considered in mid-May. Sign up for our Education newsletter to receive notifications about Student Group Bookings.

Who is eligible for Student Group rates?

Groups of elementary, middle, and secondary students are eligible to receive Student Group Rates to our Student Matinees and select Preview performances. We invite post-secondary and life-long learner groups to take advantage of our Group Rate – please contact the Events & Group Sales Coordinator for more information. For other reduced rate options, please consider our C-zone pricing and Global BC Youth Rate; both are available at regularly scheduled performances throughout our entire Festival season.

When do you hold performances for student groups?

Performances for student groups are scheduled as select weekday matinees in June and September. Due to high demand, we often offer a limited number of tickets at the Student Group Rate for select evening previews in June. Please see above for all performance dates available at the Student Group Rate.

We would like to see a Bard on the Beach performance but can’t make any of the dates. Can you put on more student group performances?

We would love to perform more for students, but as an outdoor summer festival we are extremely limited in what we can offer to schools in June and September. We invite school groups who can’t attend one of our Student Matinees to take advantage of our regular Group rates or our Global BC Youth Rate to come to a regularly scheduled performance during our Festival.

We can’t make the matinee or evening performances. Can the performances be offered earlier in the day to better accommodate busy student schedules?

Many teachers have told us that it is difficult to organise a field trip that runs outside of school hours, and we hear you! However, in order to comply with labour union regulations, 1 pm is the earliest we can offer our Student Matinees.

Is there a deadline for submitting a booking request?

You may submit a booking request at any time after booking requests open, and our School Programs Assistant will be in touch as soon as possible about availability. If there are tickets available for the performance you would like, we will reserve them when we receive your request and will charge your credit card for 50% of the total cost of your tickets. If the tickets you’ve requested are not available, we will take your details, put you on a waiting list, and let you know if spaces become available.

We’ve been put on a waiting list. What are our options?

We keep schools on a waiting list and contact them if spaces become available. There may be tickets available for other performances, so it’s worth checking with us. We also invite students to attend the Festival at any other time throughout the season at the Global BC Youth Rate (Note: infants and children under 6 years of age are not permitted, and patrons under 14 must be accompanied by an adult).

Our school is too far away to attend Bard. Will you be touring at all?

Unfortunately, we do not tour our productions at this time. However, we do offer other programs for schools both inside and outside the Lower Mainland through Bard Education. To find out more, please click here or email

Tickets, Payment & Delivery

What is the student rate?

The student rate for 2020 is $23.50 per ticket (all-inclusive). We offer one free adult chaperone ticket for every 15 student tickets purchased. Additional chaperone tickets can be purchased at the regular Group Rate price.

What is the booking process?

Please create a patron account and save or update your credit card information. Once student group booking requests open, you may submit a request form. If we are able to fulfill your request, we will charge a 50% deposit to your credit card on file.

If you have indicated on your request form that you prefer to pay by cheque, we will send you an invoice for 50% of your total payment. Payment must be received within 14 days of the invoice date. Late payment may result in loss of your reservation.

Please note, all payments are non-refundable.

How many tickets can we buy?

Because our June Student Matinees are always in high demand, in the past we have limited the number of tickets a school could purchase to a June show, to allow as many schools as possible to have access to that show.

In 2020, we’re changing the way we do things: you may request as many tickets to a Preview or Student Matinee as you like; however, in the interest of fairness we may limit group sizes for performances with high demand.

When are payments due?

If we are able to fulfill your request, we will charge a 50% deposit to your credit card on file. If you have indicated on your request form that you prefer to pay by cheque, we will send you an invoice for 50% of your total payment. Payment must be received within 14 days of the invoice date. We may not be able to hold bookings with late payments.

Final payments for June Previews and Student Matinees are due on May 15, while final payments for September Student Matinees are due on September 9. Final payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on your payment deadline. If you are paying by cheque, Bard must receive your payment by the deadline. Please arrange for credit card details to be updated, cheques to be made, and any reimbursement made with your school’s accounting department in advance, and please remember that there are no refunds once payment has been processed.

How can I make payments?

We prefer that payment be made by Visa or MasterCard. To pay by credit card, add your card to your patron account. Credit cards will be automatically charged on the respective due dates (see “When are my payments due?”).

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please indicate this on your booking request form. Please note that cheques must be received by the given payment deadlines. We may not be able to hold bookings with late payments.

If you need assistance with setting up your credit card or if you have any questions, please contact the School Programs Assistant.

What if some of our students cannot go? Can we get a refund?

All payments are non-refundable. We understand that students can be unpredictable and that your numbers may change, but as a not-for-profit organization, we rely on our ticket sales. If your numbers change before your final payment, we can decrease the number of seats in your booking and adjust your balance accordingly. If you need more seats, we will be happy to add tickets to your order subject to availability. To make adjustments to your order, please contact the School Programs Assistant.

Can I make adjustments to my order after it has been booked?

Ticket numbers must be reduced before the final payment deadline. Ticket numbers may be increased up to the performance date, subject to availability. Please be aware that additional tickets requested after the initial booking may not be booked in the same area of the theatre. All payments are non-refundable. To make adjustments to your order, please contact the School Programs Assistant (604.737.0625 ext. 252).

If we cannot make our original performance, can we change to a different one?

There are a limited number of performances for schools, so it may not be possible to move groups into a different performance. If we have the capacity to do so, you may be able to make a one-time change. Please inquire with the School Programs Assistant.

How many adult tickets can we include in our booking?

Please use your best judgement in deciding how many chaperones your group will need. We recommend one adult chaperone for every 15 students attending. To help with this, we provide one complimentary chaperone ticket for every 15 student tickets purchased. If you would like to book additional adult tickets, these can be booked at our regular Group Rate price. Please contact the School Programs Assistant for more information.

Can you mail the tickets to us?

We do not mail tickets to student groups; they are only available for collection from the Box Office on the day of the performance. This is to prevent any misplaced tickets, which can cause difficulties and delays for large student groups and may cause your students to miss parts of the performance.

Will our group be sitting all together?

We generally seat groups together, however it may sometimes be necessary to split groups into different sections: sometimes we do this to better accommodate accessibility needs or to provide groups with more central seating. If this is something you’re interested in, please let us know on your initial request form. Our shows use reserved seating, so we ask that you sit in the specific seats allocated to you and that chaperones sit among the students.

We would like to come but can’t afford it. Are subsidies available?

Thanks to the support of our funders and Festival patrons, we have funds available to subsidize student group tickets through the Bard Education Bursary Fund. Although these funds are limited, we hope this will help make a trip to Bard on the Beach accessible to a wider audience of students and teachers. To apply for a subsidy, please fill out the Student Group booking request form after March 4.

Productions & Venue Information

What are the mature or violent content warnings, if any?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in large part about love and sexual desire. While we won’t have specific details about our production until after it opens in June, it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Henry V contains scenes of medieval warfare.

Love’s Labour’s Lost will not have performances in June. In a subplot, a love triangle involves a young unmarried woman’s unintended pregnancy.

Paradise Lost by Erin Shields will not have performances in June. If you choose to bring students to this play, please note that a central plot element involves the change in the physical nature of Adam and Eve’s relationship after they eat the forbidden fruit.

The content descriptions above are based solely on the scripts. Information specific to our production will not be available until the rehearsal process is complete in June. If you need more detailed information, please inquire.


Are the festival site and venues accessible?

Yes! We encourage and foster an open and welcoming environment for patrons with diverse abilities. Please indicate on your booking request form if anyone in your group will need accessible seating or other accommodations. That way, we will be able to reserve your seats and provide the best experience for your students. More information on our site’s accessibility can be found here. If you have any questions about accessibility at Student Matinees, please contact the School Programs Assistant (604.737.0625 ext. 252).

Do you allow food in the venues, and is it possible for our students to bring their own lunches?

Our concession is open one hour before the show and during intermission, and you’re welcome to bring your food and drink into the theatre with you. We also allow outside food and non-alcoholic drinks on our site and in our venues. If you are eating inside the theatre, please be considerate of other patrons by refraining from eating noisy or strong-smelling foods. And please help our volunteers by cleaning up after yourselves!

Where can we park our school bus?

The best options for bus parking are the marina lot behind our Festival site or the lot outside the Museum of Vancouver and the H.R. MacMillan Space. Please check our Directions & Parking page or EasyPark for available parking rates and options.


Please contact Melanie Hiepler, School Programs Assistant, at or 604.737.0625 ext.252.