Student Group Bookings

There’s nothing like experiencing a Shakespeare play live in performance, and there’s nowhere like Bard on the Beach to see Shakespeare! Thanks to the support of the Bard Access Fund, we provide steeply discounted tickets for student groups to select weekday matinees in June and September.



The Plays

Twelfth Night (BMO Mainstage)

In this production’s version of Twelfth Night, everyone is obsessed with each other. No one is “adulting”, they are too busy feeling – and music gets them through the day. This hilarious romcom has it all: music, fights, pranks, jokes, and miracles. It holds a mirror to our nonsense and reflects how love transforms us, for better or worse. Bard’s big tent is the perfect venue for Illyria’s poetry and chaos, with “salt waves fresh in love” sparkling in the distance.

Directed by Diana Donnelly. Runs June to September. Run time TBA.

Hamlet (BMO Mainstage)

For generations, no play by Shakespeare has more meaningfully captivated us than Hamlet. A young Danish prince returns home to mourn the death of his father only to uncover a dark secret he cannot ignore. His struggle to move forward with action and purpose awakens deep questions about life, existence, and whether it’s better “To be or not to be.” As he attempts to make sense of a world that has shifted beneath him, we are invited to see ourselves in Hamlet and to consider the blurry lines around loyalty, self, and all the things that are in heaven and earth.

Directed by Stephen Drover, who adapted last season’s masterful Julius Caesar. Runs June to September. Run time TBA.

The Comedy of Errors (Howard Family Stage)

Canadian Comedy Award winner and co-creator of the runaway hit Goblin:Macbeth Rebecca Northan makes her Bard directorial debut with a deadly-hilarious, side-splitting production of The Comedy of Errors. Two sets of identical twins, a looming death sentence, and the sexy, sweltering heat of an ocean port full of pickpockets, goldsmiths, courtesans, and cutthroats is the perfect recipe for mistaken identity, marital infidelity, and knee-slapping hijinks. Seven of Vancouver’s most accomplished funny folk will have you rolling in the aisles with a production that takes its comedy seriously: deadly seriously.

Directed by Rebecca Northan. Runs July to September. Run time TBA.

Measure for Measure (Howard Family Stage)

Verona – party city. The proverbial place where you’ll never find a dance floor empty… until now. When charged with enforcing long-ignored morality laws, the much-loved party boy Duke Vincentio takes his cue to get out of Dodge and lay low while the law cracks down – handing the judicial reins to the decidedly un-groovy Angelo. No (pre-marital) dancing is the decree. Footloose Claudio is made an example and sent to death for publicly busting a move with his fiancée. Now it’s up to Claudio’s most moral sister Isabella, who must appeal to icy Angelo’s humanity, imploring him to repeal his brutal judgement and save her brother’s life. This sharp and irreverent production helmed by Rumble Theatre’s Jivesh Parasram brings one of Shakespeare’s most painfully relevant tales of coercion and hypocrisy to darkly absurdist new heights.

Directed by Jivesh Parasram. Runs July to September. Run time TBA.

Please note: no Student Matinee performances are currently scheduled for Measure for Measure. Student Groups are welcome to take advantage of Bard’s Youth Rate to attend regular performances. Limits may apply. Please contact the Education Coordinator for more information.

Student Matinee Dates

JUNE 2024
Wednesday, June 12 at 1pm – WAIT LIST ONLY Twelfth Night
Friday, June 14 at 1pm Hamlet
Friday, September 13 at 1pm Twelfth Night
Tuesday, September 17 at 1pm Hamlet
Wednesday, September 18 at 1pm Twelfth Night
Wednesday, September 18 at 1pm The Comedy of Errors
Thursday, September 19 at 1pm Hamlet
Thursday, September 19 at 1pm The Comedy of Errors

Pricing & Subsidies

  • Student Group tickets are $25 per student in June and $20 per student in September – a savings of up to 80% off the regular ticket price. All taxes and fees are included in the ticket price.
  • We provide 1 free chaperone ticket for every 15 student tickets purchased. Additional chaperone tickets will be available at the regular group rate (approximately 15% off a regularly priced ticket).
  • Further subsidies may be available through the Bard Access Fund. These funds, while limited, are intended to make a trip to Bard on the Beach accessible to a wider audience of students and teachers. To apply for a subsidy, please fill out the booking request form after March 6.
  • Student Group rates are available for Student Matinee performances only. Student groups who would like to attend an evening or weekend show are welcome to take advantage of our Youth Rate.


At Bard on the Beach, we believe that everyone should have equal access to our productions. We strive to be accessible and inclusive to all, and we’re committed to identifying and removing barriers to the best of our abilities. Please advise us of any accessibility needs you or your students may have by filling out the booking request form or by contacting the Education Coordinator.

We are pleased to provide complimentary tickets to Education Assistants who will be attending a performance to support a student.

How to Book Tickets

Before requesting your tickets:

  • Review our performance schedule above and identify which dates work best for you. Consult with your school’s administration to ensure that there are no conflicts on the day you’d like to come to the Festival.
  • Consult with your school’s administration about how they would like you to handle payment. We strongly prefer to accept payment by credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer, however, if these are not an option for you, we will accept payment by cheque. Please note, payment deadlines may be earlier for schools who pay by cheque. See FAQ below for details.
  • Make your transportation plan. If you need to take a school bus, book it early!

Request your tickets:

  • Submit a request form on or after March 6 to request tickets. Please note, requests for June shows will be considered before September shows. Thank you for your patience.
  • If we’re able to meet your request, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit to hold your tickets. You can adjust the number of tickets in your booking later, if needed.

After requesting your tickets:

  • Book your transportation
  • Prepare your students – check out our resources below!
  • Plan your visit

Your Visit

Health and Safety

Please review our Festival Safety Plan before requesting tickets and before your visit to our Festival.

Before the Show

  • Plan for everyone in your group to arrive between 12:00 and 12:15 pm on the day of your show. Groups arriving after 12:30 pm may miss some of the performance.
  • Visit our maps and directions page for driving, transit, and parking directions.
  • Plan your lunch: Students are welcome to bring packed lunches to eat before the show. Snacks, sandwiches, and beverages will also be available at our concession (cash, debit and all major credit cards accepted). Takeout and café options are available nearby on Cornwall Avenue. If walking off-site, please arrive by at least 11:30 am. Consider ordering ahead to allow time to walk there, pick up your food, and be back in the Bard Village by noon.
  • Students are welcome to dress casually. We suggest dressing for the weather: wear a sweater or jacket and comfy shoes.

At the Show

  • Tickets should be picked up by the chaperone whose name is on the order starting at noon. If another adult will be picking up the tickets, please notify our Box Office staff ahead of time.
  • The Bard Village, including concession and boutique, will open at noon.
  • All seats are reserved, and we ask that all students sit in the seat noted on their ticket. Students are welcome to trade tickets with other students in their group before entering the Festival site.

Educational Resources

  • A Shakesperience: a delightfully unconventional 60-minute introduction to Shakespeare! Stream for FREE and watch it all at once or in chapters. Includes companion curriculum.
  • Discovery Zone: a collection of FREE resources focussing on Shakespeare’s characters, speeches, and words.
  • Play-specific resources for our Student Matinee plays will be available in late August for September student matinees.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Education Coordinator at [email protected].

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