Bard Youth Fest

A journey of creativity and discovery providing young people with an opportunity to make Shakespeare their own.

Gather a group of young people and collaborate with professional Bard actors to create bold, original, Shakespeare-inspired performances. Then, join other troupes at a Festival Finale, hosted at Bard on the Beach’s own performance space.

Participants will:

  • work in troupes with other young people to create their own Shakespeare-inspired piece
  • receive mentorship from a Professional actor in workshops and rehearsals
  • Present their work at a mini-festival on Bard’s Festival site in June

This multi-week program celebrates the infinite ways young people play, think about, and perform Shakespeare. Thanks to the generosity of our funders, the Pamela and David Richardson Family Foundation, participation is FREE. 


The students enjoyed creating and performing their own story with the guidance of the Bard actor. My students were so pumped after their performance. It made all the work worth it! – Troupe Champion

Program Details

Troupes may be formed through schools or made up of individuals. Rehearsals begin in February 2023. Troupes will meet regularly with their Bard Coach to create their piece, which they’ll share with other participating Troupes at the Bard Youth Fest Finale in late April 2023.

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JUNIOR BARD YOUTH FEST 2023 (students in grades K – 8)

BARD YOUTH FEST 2023 (youth ages 13 – 25) 


We are now inviting individuals ages 13-25 to sign up for Bard Youth Fest 2023! Applications are due on December 15, 2022. Please send your questions to Katie Johnstone.