Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

Bard on the Beach Theatre Society (“Bard”) is committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Policy documents our on-going commitment to you and has been developed in compliance with relevant privacy legislation.

Scope of Policy

This Policy applies to Bard and its collection, use and disclosure of personal information relating to its members, volunteers, donors, patrons and others. This Policy addresses personal information about individuals only and does not apply to information collected, used or disclosed with respect to corporate or commercial entities.

This Policy does not impose any limits on the collection, use or disclosure of the following information by Bard:

  • your business contact information; and
  • certain publicly available information, including information in the telephone directory or a public registry.


Bard is responsible and accountable for personal information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer who is responsible for Bard’s compliance with this Policy. The Privacy Officer may be contacted as described at the end of this Policy.


Bard collects personal information for purposes authorized or required by applicable law and for the following use and disclosure purposes:

  • to process membership applications;
  • to process and collect membership dues and fees;
  • to process requests for tickets and to collect the purchase price of tickets;
  • to provide various services and benefits to members, volunteers, donors, patrons and others;
  • to allow Bard to communicate with members, volunteers, donors, patrons and others;
  • to provide information about its programming;
  • to develop, provide and improve programs and services;
  • to maintain information about special skills and abilities of members, volunteers and others;
  • to conduct fund-raising;
  • to carry out procedures such as elections;
  • to conduct member surveys in order to improve programs and services; and
  • to comply with its obligations at law and under its bylaws.

This information may be disclosed to third parties for these purposes. Disclosure might be to the public (e.g. special skills of members) or to persons providing services to Bard (e.g. accounting services, data processing services). Bard does not share your personal information with others who may wish to solicit your participation or offer products or services to you.

The above collections, uses and disclosures are a reasonably necessary part of your relationship with Bard as a member, volunteer, donor or patron.

When personal information that has been collected is to be used for a purpose not previously identified, Bard will identify the new purpose and obtain your consent unless the use is authorized or required by law.

You may instruct Bard to refrain from using your personal information to contact you regarding fundraising or special events or programs being offered by Bard. Bard will not refuse you access to any program or service merely because you advise Bard to stop so using your personal information.


Bard will obtain your consent to collect, use or disclose personal information except where Bard is authorized or required by law to do so without consent.

Your consent can be express, implied or given through an authorized representative.

Consent may be provided orally, in writing, electronically, through inaction (such as when you fail to notify us that you do not wish your personal information collected/used/disclosed for various purposes after you have received notice of those purposes) or otherwise.

You may withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal, contractual and other restrictions, provided that you give reasonable written notice of withdrawal of consent to Bard. On receipt of written notice of withdrawal of consent, Bard will inform you of the likely consequences of the withdrawal of consent, which may include the inability of Bard to provide certain programs and services for which that information is necessary.

Limit on Collection of Personal Information

Bard will not collect personal information indiscriminately and will limit collection of personal information to that which is reasonable and necessary to provide its programs and services and which is reasonable and necessary for the purposes consented to by you. Bard will also collect personal information as authorized by law.

Limits for Using, Disclosing and Retaining Personal Information

Your personal information will only be used or disclosed for the purposes set out above and as authorized by law.

We will keep personal information used to make a decision affecting you for at least one year after using it to make the decision.

We will destroy, erase or make anonymous documents or other records containing personal information as soon as it is reasonable to assume that the original purpose is no longer being served by retention of the information and retention is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.

We will take due care when destroying personal information so as to prevent unauthorized access to the information.


Bard will make a reasonable effort to ensure that personal information it is using or disclosing is accurate and complete. In most cases, Bard will rely on you to ensure that information, such as your address and telephone number, are correct.

If you demonstrate the inaccuracy or incompleteness of personal information, Bard will amend the information as required. If appropriate, Bard will send the amended information to third parties to whom the information has been disclosed.

When a challenge regarding the accuracy of personal information is not resolved to your satisfaction, Bard will annotate the personal information under its control with a note that the correction was requested but not made.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Bard protects the personal information in its custody or control by making reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks.

We will take reasonable steps, through contractual or other reasonable means, to ensure that a comparable level of personal information protection is implemented by the suppliers and agents who assist in providing services to you or to Bard. Some specific safeguards include:

  • Organizational measures such as restricting employee access to files and databases as appropriate; electronic measures such as passwords and firewalls.
  • Investigative measures where we have reasonable grounds to believe that personal information is being inappropriately collected, used or disclosed.

Confidentiality and security are not assured when information is transmitted through e-mail or other wireless communication. Please notify Bard in writing if you do not want Bard to communicate with you through these means.


Bard is open about the policies and procedures it uses to protect your personal information. Disclosure of our policies and procedures will be made available in writing. However, to ensure the integrity of our security procedures, we will not disclose sensitive information about our policies and procedures.

Bard will make available a description of the type of personal information held by Bard, and a general description of its use and disclosure.

Providing Access

You have a right to access your personal information held by Bard.

Upon written request and authentication of your identity, we will provide you with your personal information under our control. We will also give you information about the ways in which your information is being used and a description of the individuals and organizations to whom that information has been disclosed. We may charge a reasonable fee for doing so.

We will make the personal information available within 30 days or provide written notice where additional time is required to fulfil the request.

In some situations, we may not be able to provide access to certain personal information (e.g. if disclosure would reveal personal information about another individual).

Where an access request is refused, we will notify you in writing, giving the reason for refusal and outlining further steps which are available to you.


Bard will, on request, provide information regarding its complaint procedures.

Any inquiries, complaints or questions regarding this Policy should be directed in writing to the Bard Privacy Officer: Ava Forsyth, Director of Operations.