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It’s been another fun season in the Bard Box Office! Here are some of the err… interesting things that were overheard.

Patron: “I have tried buying tickets online but can’t seem to book in dates. That’s nothing unusual as I have been known to order a hamster on line before when I really wanted a hamper!”

Patron: “I think the internet is broken.”
Box Office: “Which browser are you using?”
Patron: “Desktop.”

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Have you ever been watching a Shakespearean play – or any play – and thought: ‘no, why is he doing that?’ Do you long to yell out to the characters to warn them against their doomed fate? We thought so. And that’s why we’ve created our all new interactive seating this season at Bard.  Check out our easy to follow guide to ticketing and seating right here:

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Here is Part Two of some of the funniest, most peculiar and cutest things we’ve overheard in the Box Office this season. Enjoy!

Box Office:Twelfth Night isn’t playing tonigh–”
Patron: “Oh my goodness I need better eyes!”

Patron: “Well it’s so nice hearing Christopher’s voice that I don’t even mind getting your voicemail!”

Patron: “This is for my lady. Well one of them… you know what I mean.”

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At Bard, we aim to entertain! But did you know that you also entertain us? Since April, our Box Office superstars have been taking note of some of the witty, obscure and hilarious things our patrons say when they email or call in. Here are 13 of our favourites so far. Enjoy!

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A couple of months ago one of our Box Office agents asked a patron, while booking their tickets: “Do you have a preference for seating?” to which the patron replied: “I don’t know, WWCGS?”

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