Have you ever been watching a Shakespearean play – or any play – and thought: ‘no, why is he doing that?’ Do you long to yell out to the characters to warn them against their doomed fate? We thought so. And that’s why we’ve created our all new interactive seating this season at Bard.  Check out our easy to follow guide to ticketing and seating right here:

On arrival into the tent, pick your weapon of choice so you’re ready to jump in and save the day when the characters go to battle.

Order our special love potion at concession; get one of our Front of House Managers to stealthily pour it over your character of choice and get ready for their warm embrace as they run slow-motion movie style from the stage and into your arms.

So you think you can act? For just $100,000 we’ll give you the opportunity to showcase your talents in front of a discerning Vancouver audience.

And finally, due to the high number of requests we get from patrons wanting an aisle seat, both our Mainstage and Studio Stage theatres have had several seats removed and have been turned into state of the art all-aisle arenas – now every seat is an aisle seat!

Disclaimer: Bard on the Beach assumes no responsibility for accidental death or injury by swords or other weapons that the patron chooses to wield. Falling in love can lead to dizziness, acts of general buffoonery, posting gushy pictures on your Facebook timeline that you’ll regret later and other symptoms that are too long and complex to list in one blog post. Bad acting on the Bard stage may lead to any number of objects being hurled at you, please do not attempt unless you are a trained professional. And finally, our tickets are on sale today, no joke, happy April Fools!