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Word under the tent is…

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It Takes a Village

With just over a week to go until we open our 26th Season, things are in full swing down in Vanier Park. If you’ve been in the area lately, you’ve likely seen our signature red and white tents popping up in preparation. It takes a whole team of people to put the Festival together, and many months of work are involved to create the finished product that you see when you come to enjoy our productions.

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Shakespeare In a Nutshell

Want to find out a bit more about the plays this season, straight from the experts? Come down to the Village in the hour before the show and our talented presenters will give you a 10 minute synopsis to get you up to speed on the play you’re about to see and wow your friends with fascinating facts they didn’t know!

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In a world where one may smile, and smile, and be a villain… where madness in great ones must not unwatched go, three women must break through from deception and treachery to present the most phenomenal Bard Village experience ever known to mankind! Ladies and gentlemen, (cue drum roll) meet your Bard Village superstars!

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This year a garden oasis, next year a Vanier Park paradise – the greening of the Bard site has begun! Over the last few weeks SO much has been going on down at the park it’s hard to keep up: rehearsals, the Box Office moving in, volunteer training, and of course the tents going up.

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It Takes A Village