A couple of months ago one of our Box Office agents asked a patron, while booking their tickets: “Do you have a preference for seating?” to which the patron replied: “I don’t know, WWCGS?”

Confused, the agent asked if they could elaborate. The patron obliged with: “Where would Christopher Gaze sit?” So, in honour of that patron, and everyone else who is wondering where to sit, we posed the question to the Artistic Director himself and not only did he tell us, he showed us! It’s time to play: “Where would Christopher Gaze sit?”

Section 2b or not 2

“Section 2b or not 2b, that is the question. There are seven sections in the Mainstage tent, all offering excellent but different views. It really depends whether you want to be up close to the action, witnessing every emotion on the actors faces or back a bit to take in a more panoramic view. The new lavalier microphones the actors use ensure you can hear every whisper from the stage all the way to the back row.”

Christopher practising his surprised look.

“The Douglas Campbell Studio Stage is an intimate space with a maximum of six rows and a total capacity of 250 so you can’t really go wrong here. You’ll be either immersed in New Orleans jazz or surrounded by Shakepeare’s players while Queen Elizabeth battles her demons. I personally like hopping around the theatre and trying out different views, not in one night mind you!”

Do as Christopher says not what he does!

“I do like sitting on the stage steps, it’s a wonderful view, but it has its hazards. The fight scenes in Hamlet might leave you with some cuts or much worse, not to mention you might end up embroiled in a case of mistaken identity!”

Christopher doing his best Hamlet impression.

“I also find Hamlet’s chair a very comfortable spot with a fantastic view of the surrounding action and the West Vancouver mountains. However, this location might also pose some problems such as an actor coming along and sitting on you – perhaps not the best idea. Don’t despair, our new chairs are ever so comfortable. We even have cupholders in each seat so you can bring in your favourite drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the play while keeping a comfortable and safe distance from the drama!”

“All the lovely folk in the Box Office can tell you about seating options for our four plays and our many other fabulous events we have going on throughout the summer. Huzzah!”

Well, there you have it. Some interesting seating options from Mr Gaze. We’re not sure you should try all of them, but do make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show!