In a world where one may smile, and smile, and be a villain… where madness in great ones must not unwatched go, three women must break through from deception and treachery to present the most phenomenal Bard Village experience ever known to mankind! Ladies and gentlemen, (cue drum roll) meet your Bard Village superstars!

Shalyn McFaul: This hostess extraordinaire is here to steer your special event through from humble beginnings to unforgettable endings! As the Special Events Assistant, Shalyn manages the Marquee tent (Bard’s official hospitality space) for corporate groups as well as for our three Bard-B-Q and Fireworks nights; a tall task but armed with a BA in Theatre this gal has no trouble juggling the many requests that come her way. As an actor and singer you’ll find Shalyn performing not only in the Marquee tent but also in local theatre productions such as The Gateway’s The Sound of Music.

Hostess with the mostess, Shalyn McFaul

Concession Queen, Chelsea Gardner

Chelsea Gardner: Compulsive traveler, pop-culture fanatic, history major and Bard Concession Manager. Chelsea runs the concession like a ninja ensuring everyone gets their coffee, wine, chocolate or popcorn with lightening fast speed. She went to Bolivia at the age of 17, and since then has traveled extensively to East and North Africa, New Zealand, China, and to Europe several times, phew! Once the concession is all packed up she will head off to India on her next adventure. Chelsea has incorported her obsession for Star Wars and Game of Thrones into the concession area – see if you can spot it! Chelsea’s favourite concession item: Nanaimo Bars. Audience favourite: Caramel Popcorn!

Lucy McNulty: Shakespeare dolls, wine glasses, books, mugs, you name it, Lucy’s got it. As Bard’s Boutique Manager, Lucy has created a store full of delights enough to quench any Shakespearean fan’s thirst for themed accoutrements. Her favourite items are the new Bard on the Beach hoodies and the pashmina scarves (that double quite nicely as blankets!), for when there’s a chill in the air at Vanier Park. This year, Lucy’s bringing in a whole host of exciting new items to the Boutique. When she’s not running the Boutique, you can find her bartending at another great local theatre space, The Cultch. After the Boutique closes in the fall, Lucy will begin a new journey (like many Bard actors have) at Langara College’s Studio 58.Boutique Beauty, Lucy McNulty

It takes a village to run the…erm,…Village and these three ladies are a big part of making your experience at Bard a wonderful and memorable one!