Each year, Bard on the Beach welcomes almost a hundred new and returning Company members to our rehearsal halls and stages. Last week, we introduced our New to Bard series, which highlights some of the artists who are making their Bard debuts this Season. If you missed last week’s post, you can read more about the Acting Company here.

This week, we’re thrilled to be turning the spotlight onto our talented creative team. Learn more about some of the new faces in our creative team who are helping to bring our productions to life!

Sam Jeffery
Assistant Fight Director (As You Like It, Julius Caesar & Henry V)

Photo of Sam Jeffery on a rocky beach.

Photo of Sam Jeffery.

What has your first Bard experience been like so far? 
Working with these three productions, what stood out to me about my first Bard experience was the level of respect, kindness, and collaboration across the board. Everyone I worked with was so welcoming and supportive – a true community. It’s also a rare treat in the fight world to get to work as a team, and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful fight director to support and play with than Jono [Jonathan Hawley Purvis]!

Yuting Yue
Apprentice Stage Manager (As You Like it & Julius Caesar)

Yuting Yue headshot

Photo of Yuting Yue. 

What has your first Bard experience been like so far? 
Simultaneously too much and not enough. For some reason, no matter how tired or in low spirits I am when I get to the theatre, the people and the show never fail to bring me back up.

Shael O’Brien
Apprentice Costume Designer (As You Like It)

Shael O'Brien headshot

Photo of Shael O’Brien. 

What has your first Bard experience been like so far? 
My first Bard experience was amazing! I worked as an Apprentice Costume Designer for As You Like It and enjoyed every second. As a costume design student at the University of Victoria, I was blown away by the wardrobe shop and costume stock. Seeing everything up close and personal was incredible.

Leif Hatzi-Blaak
Apprentice Sound Designer/Composer (Henry V)

Leif Hatzi-Blaak headshot

Photo of Leif Hatzi-Blaak.

What has your first Bard experience been like so far? 
As a third-year student at Simon Fraser University, having the opportunity to intern as an Apprentice Sound Designer at Bard has been a truly memorable experience. I have learned a lot about the behind the scenes of a play and overall, working with the production team has helped enrich my artistic palette as a practicing musician.

Where have you been finding inspiration lately? 
Personally, I have been feeling very inspired by the experiences I have had from working alongside other artists and observing how, especially at Bard, the actors, composers, and the whole production team strive to follow their passions in providing the best entertainment a theatre production can offer!

Vanessa Lefan Yuen 樂凡
Associate Sound Designer (Julius Caesar)

Vanessa Le-Fan Yuen Headshot

Photo of Vanessa Lefan Yuen 樂凡.

What has your first Bard experience been like so far?
This was such a special experience for me – not only was it my first season with Bard on the Beach, but it was my first time working on a theatre production on this scale, and it’s been such an enriching experience in so many different ways. On the educational side, I learned a lot about how this big show comes together, all the roles on stage and behind the scenes that make the magic happen, and new skill sets in the work that I do as a sound artist. Moreover, my biggest takeaway was the connections that I made with everyone I met, from cast members, design teams, management and site crew, everybody was so welcoming, passionate and incredible at what they do. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this show and hope to come back again in the following Seasons!

Candelario Andrade
Video Designer (Julius Caesar)

Candelario Andrade Headshot

Photo of Candelario Andrade.

What has your first Bard experience been like so far? 
I have done some work for Bard in recent years, but this is my first time as a video designer for an actual theatre show. As a designer, the real test happens during the tech days previous to opening the show to the audience. Tech days usually have long hours of testing, troubleshooting and tweaking the different elements that make the show tight, and so it happens that everyone in the organization makes the artistic and technical team feel at home. Special kudos to the crew who are always working hard to make things work.

Where have you been finding inspiration lately? 
I find inspiration in places where I usually go to hide from the pressure of everyday life: these days are so busy, so I try to spend a couple of hours watching a movie I haven’t seen, reading a page or two of a book before falling asleep or reading comics. Music is always around me one way or another, that’s a huge source of inspiration for me.

Thank you to the Creative Team for chatting with us today! It’s been a joy to celebrate all your incredible achievements. If you haven’t already, be sure to see the work of these incredible artists on stage. Our 34th Season runs to September 30 – visit our Season Schedule here.