Bard on the Beach relies on an incredible team of staff, Company members and volunteers to help put on our Festival every summer. We are so excited to continue our People of Bard series, which will spotlight just some of the wonderful individuals who make our work possible. If you missed our last spotlight on Bard Box Office Coordinator Samantha Levy, you can read it here.

This week, we’re thrilled to be highlighting Bard’s Corporate and Foundations Relations Officer, David Volpov!

An active member of Vancouver’s indie theatre scene, David is passionate about creating opportunities for artists and serving the community through art. As Bard’s Corporate and Foundations Relations Officer, David connects with local businesses on collaborations and partnerships. You may have also seen him at our Marquee tent, supporting sponsor events at the Festival site.

David Volpov on site at the Bard Marquee with Board Member Stephen Ng and Bard Volunteer Susan Munkeskov.

What do you enjoy the most about your role at Bard?

Sponsorship at Bard is really about creating a community – it’s not transactional. An event that I created this Season was Sponsor Appreciation Night, where we invited sponsors and business leaders in Vancouver to come to Bard so we could thank them their support. They were able to meet each other and to find out about the different programs they were supporting. It was an opportunity to engage in dialogue and learn from one another, and in doing so, learn more about Bard and what we do. I love that my work goes beyond putting on a show – it’s about creating opportunities for all the charitable activities that Bard does.

What were you looking forward to the most this Season?

In theatre school, I worked with Lois Anderson, the director of Henry V, on a play called The Wars. Lois is a genius. She makes everyone in the room feel valued and like their voices are heard. She also works with such great imagery – she’s such a conceptual person that at the table read, it’s not completely apparent everything that’s going on, but as soon as we went into tech and as we opened the show, the amazing visual elements became obvious. I was so excited to see Henry V, and that show includes everything that I love about Lois’ work. It’s a tour-de-force that everyone should see.

Do you have a favourite memory from past Seasons at Bard?

Before I worked at Bard, I was a Riotous Youth for two years. I got to meet some really inspiring young artists in the city and devise a show together. As a cohort, we also worked as Teaching Artists for the Summer Camps and helped out with some special events. One of my fondest memories is of one of the Fireworks Nights a few years ago. The Riotous Youth were asked to memorize three Shakespearean sonnets to perform for patrons sitting at the tables. It felt so inspiring to be able to perform something so up close and personal. Usually there’s a proscenium stage and a big divide with the audience, but I felt like I was just talking to someone, and that’s the theatre that I’m interested in.

When you aren’t helping to put on a Festival, what do you like to do in the summer?

Outside of theatre, I enjoy hiking with friends and kayaking. I like to go to Deep Cove, rent a kayak and just explore the tiny little islands for a few hours. I’m also an aspiring foodie, but I forget every restaurant I go to, and I always forget to write down recipes that I find online. I made really solid steak tacos recently, and I’m still trying to find that recipe. I can’t believe I lost it!


Thanks so much for chatting with us, David! Be sure to stay tuned for more instalments of our People of Bard series in the weeks to come.