Our Bard Company is full of talented people who have projects, businesses and passions off the stage! In the first of this new series, we’re highlighting photography and design.

It’s more important than ever to support our arts community, so make sure to check out the work of these incredible artists and share with your friends. Scroll on to see who’s featured this week and stay tuned for more in the weeks to come!

Ming Hudson (Bard Actor)

Instagram: @apocketromance

“For me, photography is a slow and meditative process, and my focus is on the connection between the photographer and the subject. My boudoir and portrait sessions are very intimate, and I feel honoured to be trusted by the humans I photograph. I truly admire every person that I have shot for their bravery and vulnerability. My intention with my work is to make the people I love feel beautiful, and for us to have a positive experience with each other. A Pocket Romance is a tribute to them.”

Kate Besworth (Bard Actor)

Instagram: @herfemalegaze

“I’m interested in the re-positioning and re-locating of women into more fantastical, more mythical environments. I’m interested in different kinds of power, and how that can be expressed visually! I work with paper and scissors and glue, and then scan and upload. I hope that the physicality and tangibility of the initial images comes through.”

Jason Sakaki (Bard Actor) 

Website: www.shotsbysakaki.com
Instagram: @shotsbysakaki

“The bulk of my photos are headshots, so my photography is inspired by people’s faces. It’s amazing how much story you can tell in that one small area. My favourite is getting someone laughing, and seeing that genuine emotion shine through in an image.”

Marci T. House (Bard Actor) 

Website: www.2thepointdrafting.com

“My goal in life is to be a person of integrity and to live my life as an example of how I want to be treated in the world. I live with a passion for what I do and I enjoy the life I lead. I take this philosophy into my company as well. I hire people who are not only qualified professionals, but who carry a strong sense of integrity and joy. We are all able to help one another achieve our goals and this is also what I offer to you with my company. Know that when you work with 2-The-Point Measuring & Drafting Service, you will be greeted by warm and genuine people—on the phone or in the field. We will take care of all your needs in the most professional, punctual and personable way possible. We love what we do and we want you to love what we do, too.”

2-The-Point Measuring & Drafting Service

Charlie Gallant (Bard Actor) 

Website: charliegallant.myportfolio.com/work
Instagram: @charlie_byrd

“Acting is my career while photography and music are hobbies that occasionally command my focus. I am in awe of actors, of transformation, of stories told through theatre, cinema, music, and I share an equal amount of gratitude for anyone working behind the scenes in these Arts; without whom my job wouldn’t exist.

In my photography I try to reveal Character: the distinctive nature of an individual as embodied by the Actor. Just before or after being onstage, after months of absorbing and crafting the world of the Play, when they are costumed and their bodies are alive with Story, I find it thrilling to look into the eyes of my peers and find them transformed by Character.”

Sophie Tang (Bard Assistant Lighting Designer) 

Website: www.sophieyufeitang.com
Instagram: @sophiet522

“I find inspirations everywhere in my daily life. I find them from sunlight landing on the sofa, I feel shapes and lines when listening to music, I find them from a walk after lunch, when the rain hits the window, or even from the most random places like math textbooks. What I do is just to find the right place and right combination for them.”

Stevie Hale-Jones (Bard Costumes/Wigs Running Crew) 

Website: www.steviehj.com
Instagram: @steviedraws

“I take inspiration from many things. It can be as simple as the things I see out of my window to stories I have read. Places and people I have seen on my travels or images I see on social media. Music from my favourite bands or a newly discovered song and, of course, the work of other artists. I am inspired every day by the art created by others.”