We take you behind the scenes at our fourth and final photo shoot for the 2019 Season. The focus is Coriolanus – Bard’s first-ever production of the play – featuring Moya O’Connell in the title role. 

The shoot took place in our very own rehearsal halls at the BMO Theatre Centre. Our photographer, Emily Cooper, quickly transformed it into a fully functioning photo studio.

Moya’s sleek and rugged look draws its inspiration from modern female movie warriors (think Linda Hamilton/The Terminator and Emily Blunt/Edge of Tomorrow). Our hair and make-up artist Carey Williams (@carey40) enhanced that look, using makeup to create scars fit for a ruthless fighter.

Coriolanus Director Dean Paul Gibson (Bard’s Associate Artistic Director and creative director for the shoot) worked with Robinson Wilson (Co-Fight Choreographer & Creative Consultant for Coriolanus) whose contribution was a variety of special props, plus his expertise on fight choreography.

Fun fact: we watched a YouTube video on how soldiers tie up their boots — every detail counts!

Once the photos were complete, Emily worked her editing and compositing magic, working closely with Dean. The result: the stunning final image you see below.

Moya O’Connell, Coriolanus (2019) Photo & Image Design: Emily Cooper

The first preview for Coriolanus is on August 21, 2019. Tickets are already going fast – so make your plans now! Details and ticket info here.