Another day, another photo shoot!

We returned to Emily Cooper’s studio to take advance photos for our production of All’s Well That Ends Well. Our production is set in India during the waning days of British occupation and the cusp of Indian independence.

For this shoot, we brought in actor Sarena Parmar, who will be playing the role of Helena. Amy McDougall (Bard’s Head of Wardrobe) and hair and make-up artist Carey Williams (@carey40) worked together to create a stunning look inspired by the 1940s — the time period in which the play is set. Sarena’s saree was beautifully draped by Shakun Jhangiani, who assisted us throughout the shoot.

Carey preps Sarena

Final touches by Amy & Carey

Watch a time lapse of the saree draping below!

Our creative team had lots of fun playing with various kinds of lighting and saree draping styles, to evoke different moods and settings. Dean Paul Gibson (Bard’s Associate Artistic Director and also creative director for the shoot) led the team with the overall concept, working with Heather Kennedy (Director of Marketing & Communications). Our lead graphic designer, Sherry Jang (Senior Designer, Carter Hales Design Lab) was also on the scene.

That’s a wrap!

We can’t wait to unveil all the final images for the season, but in the meantime we will have more exclusive behind the scenes action to share with you!

Coming soon: behind the scenes of our Coriolanus photo shoot featuring Moya O’Connell.