This is a story about Timon (Colleen Wheeler), a privileged modern woman who lives in the elegant enclaves of a city much like Vancouver. Her generosity has no limits — until she loses her entire fortune. In a shallow world, will her community stand by her?

Find out more about Timon of Athens, directed by Meg Roe, playing until September 9, 2018.

Production photography by Tim Matheson | Costume Designer: Mara Gottler | Set Designer: Drew Facey | Lighting Designer: John Webber

Photos from top to bottom: Timon of Athens Company Members (first two photos) | Quelemia Sparrow & Kate Besworth | Adele Noronha & Colleen Wheeler | Colleen Wheeler & Marci T. House | Jennifer Lines | Timon of Athens Company Members | Quelemia Sparrow & Ming Hudson | Michelle Fisk & Kate Besworth | Patti Allan | Timon of Athens Company Members | Marci T. House | Colleen Wheeler