Welcome to the final entry in our three-part series celebrating Bard & The Beatles as we look forward to this summer’s Mainstage production of As You Like It.

Every English-speaker in the world has uttered at least a few of the Bard’s words, whether they know it or not, and The Beatles are no exception.

Only one month after their famous 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan show sent the Western World into a state of Beatlemania, the legendary lads from Liverpool gave Shakespeare a go, performing Pyramus and Thisbe, the “play within a play” from Act V, Scene 1 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Bard’s 400th birthday was being celebrated around the world and the newly minted megastars got in on the festivities as part of a one-hour television special called Around The Beatles.

Paul played Pyramus, George played Moonshine, Ringo played the Lion, and John played Thisbe. Journeyman actor Trevor Peacock joined them as Quince.

Watch The Beatles perform Shakespeare in this iconic 1964 sketch, and be sure to catch our Beatles-infused As You Like It this summer!

Guest Post Author: Brian Cochrane, Bard Volunteer Coordinator