On a blasted heath in medieval Scotland, three women tell a General that he is fated to be the King of Scotland. The image takes hold in his mind, and triggers a chain of decisions that leads to the murder of Kings, friends, mothers and their children.

Find out more about Macbeth, directed by Chris Abraham, playing until September 13, 2018.

Production photography by Tim Matheson | Costume Designer: Christine Reimer | Set Designer: Pam Johnson | Lighting Designer: Gerald King

Photos from top to bottom: Kate Besworth | Kayvon Khoshkam | Harveen Sandu, Emma Slipp & Kate Besworth | Austin Eckert, Scott Bellis & Nadeem Phillip | Ben Elliott | Scott Bellis & Craig Erickson | Moya O’Connell | Moya O’Connell & Ben Carlson | Scott Bellis, Ben Carlson & Moya O’Connell | Moya O’Connell & Ben Carlson | Austin Eckert, Nicco Del Rio & Scott Bellis | Macbeth Company Members | Kate Besworth & Ben Carlson | Moya O’Connell | Nicco Del Rio & Lindsey Angell | Ben Carlson & Harveen Sandu | Jeff Gladstone