Did you know that our Company Members do their own stage makeup for each performance? In order to get them prepared for the season, our cosmetics sponsor MAC Cosmetics prepares individual makeup packages and ‘face sheets’ for each cast member. They also provide consultations and tutorials on professional tips and tricks.

We sat in on their tutorial with MAC Senior Artist, Caitlin Callahan — and here is what we learned – plus, some tips on how to get Rosalind’s look from As You Like It!

MAC Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan and Bard Company Member Lindsey Angell

1) Start with a Clean Slate

Before applying any makeup – it’s key to cleanse and moisturize! This is especially important when you work in an outdoor theatre, facing the elements. Finding the right product for prepping rituals can take time, as everyone has a different skin type – from dry to combination.

2) Setting the Scene

A great way to keep makeup intact is by using a primer, followed by foundation. Primers help to keep makeup from disappearing while onstage and foundation sets the canvas for everything else! Plus, it helps keep the skin’s complexion even, under harsh stage lighting.

3) Highlight & Contour

Some roles require actors to look older or younger than they are – or might require them to exaggerate specific features. You can significantly alter a face shape by using a mix of darker and lighter powder in areas around the cheekbone, temples, sides of nose and jawline.

4) Eyes

The 1960s were big on pastel eye shadows and white eyeliner, which is making a comeback in current makeup trends. To get Rosalind’s Twiggy-inspired look from As You Like It – start by applying white liner below the lower lash line of your eye and on the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes seems bigger and brighter. Then apply a pastel blue shadow on your lower half of the eyelid, with white eye shadow above it and up to the brow.

5) Fake Lashes

For Rosalind’s look, apply fake lashes in reverse — applying the bottom lash just below your real lower lashes, and on top of the white liner.

6) Brows

Don’t forget those brows – think Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor! Typically, younger characters have straighter brows while older characters have more of an arch, to emphasize facial expression.

7) The Apple of my Cheek

Blush is for blushing and as you know – As You Like It is full of romance and joy! It’s typically used on characters who are youthful and innocent — Rosalind wears a light pink.  It’s best to apply to the apple of the cheek – otherwise it could look like you’re stuck in the ‘80s.

8) Pucker Up

Subtle but sweet — peach and apricot were popular lip colours in the ‘60s. With so much kissing, it’s recommended you use a stain to avoid having to reapply!

9) Voila!

Finally, seal off your look with a light spritz of setting spray. Or if you feel daring, you can do the old theatre trick and use hairspray, just be super careful to keep your eyes closed!

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