Bard on the Beach’s Directing Apprenticeships offer emerging artists the opportunity to receive training and mentorship from senior members of the Company while supporting the creation of Bard’s 2023 Season productions.

This Season, we were thrilled to welcome three talented theatre creators, Leslie Dos Remedios, Angelica Schwartz, and Tricia Trinh, to our Company as our 2023 Directing Apprentices.

We caught up with Leslie and Tricia to learn about their experiences in the Directing Apprentices Program, their individual artistic practices, and where they’ve been finding inspiration lately.


Leslie Dos Remedios, As You Like It 

Leslie Dos Remedios - Headshot

Photo of Leslie Dos Remedios.

What did you enjoy the most about being a Directing Apprentice on As You Like It?

Working on As You Like It really gave me an appreciation for all the moving parts that put a musical together (especially one that works in rep with another show). The sheer scale of the project was astounding to take in, and being given the responsibility of scheduling and leading just the understudy portion of rehearsals gave me a deeper understanding, not just of the huge creative vision needed to pull off a show like this, but also the incredible administrative acumen involved.

How would you describe this production of As You Like It in three words?

Joyful, vibrant, and magical.

What first drew you towards directing?

As a queer Asian Canadian artist, I was frustrated by the lack of directors in our community being the ones to lead our creative teams in telling our stories. I think we can all agree that the creative landscape of the theatre industry has been shifting the last few years to be more inclusive and representative of our communities on stage, but what about behind the scenes? My work as an actor has deeply informed my work as a director and vice versa – both have made me a better and more fulfilled artist and I know this is only the beginning of my directing journey.

Where have you been finding inspiration lately?

Inspiration has almost always come to me in the form of the people in my life and the artists I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with. I love exploring the full breadth of human behaviour and emotion, in its purest form and in its total complexity. My inspiration comes from the past – in my culture and ancestors; in the people who have paved the way for me to be here today. It also comes from the future – my daughter, and what stories she needs in the world to feel seen.


Tricia Trinh, Henry V 

Tricia Trinh headshot

Photo of Tricia Trinh.

What did you enjoy the most about being a Directing Apprentice on Henry V

The Henry V team cultivated an extraordinarily collaborative creation room and generously welcomed me to play alongside them. This team fostered a playing field that honored discovery within process and playing with a willingness to fall, until landing on what served the story best. A deep breath of fresh crisp air to learn and collaborate in.

It was a privilege to experience this team take what’s been gifted on the page and collectively cultivate it into a profound story; that deeply resonates with the vital narrative of this global moment – “How war devours and love can make.”

How would you describe this production of Henry V?

Deliciously integrated storytelling. Honest dissection of humanity against the backdrop of war. Magic in simplicity.

What first drew you towards theatre? 

So much of what I have learnt about what it means to be a decent human is from storytelling (plays, books, films, music, dance, poetry…) and it continues to enlighten my spirit every day. I was drawn to theatre as a professional practice because it is the best way I know how to give back to community. I believe storytelling is the most direct vessel in which we can share with one another our humanity.

Where have you been finding inspiration lately? 

Queer feminist authors: Megan Giddings, Malinda Lo, Carolina De Robertis, Anne Garreta, Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Rita Mae Brown.

Also, Chaos Theory.


Thank you to Leslie and Tricia for sharing your experiences with us, and to all our Directing Apprentices for their work in supporting our 2023 Season productions! We were so lucky to have you as part of the Company, and we can’t wait to see where your next projects take you.

Bard on the Beach’s Apprentice Director Program is generously supported by the RBC Emerging Artists Program.