Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Announces 2023 Lineup: The Beatles are Back – and More!

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022, VANCOUVER, B.C. – While the current season of Bard on the Beach continues until September 24, Bard Artistic Director Christopher Gaze has announced the lineup for the Festival’s 34th Season, which will run from June to September, 2023. It includes the return of the most successful production in Bard’s history, a sweeping historical drama, an iconic tale of political intrigue, and a unique, interactive theatre piece drawn from Shakespeare’s Macbeth 

On the BMO Mainstage, the Beatles are back, baby! As You Like It, with its blend of Shakespearean comedy and Beatles’ hits performed live, broke every Bard box office record in 2018; it will open the 2023 Festival after delighting audiences across Western Canada and the USA. It will play in repertory with Shakespeare’s gripping political drama, Julius Caesar. The Howard Family Stage is host to two contrasting productions: Henry V, set this season in a mythical realm and inspired by fantasy, and the hilariously interactive Goblin: Macbeth, created by a team of acclaimed Canadian theatre artists. 

“Our 34th Season is the full package, with dynamic productions for theatre lovers of every stripe,” says Christopher Gaze, Bard on the Beach Founding Artistic Director. “There’s a wealth of romance, music, high-spirited comedy and compelling drama – something just for you, whether you’re a committed Shakespeare fan or have never been to Bard before. And the Beatles are an entry-point for everyone!”

The 2023 Season Sponsor will be the Peter and Joanne Brown Foundation and Bard is most grateful for their returning support.  

On the BMO Mainstage 


The Beatles are back at Bard! It’s the 1960s all over again, and free spirits are escaping from Vancouver to get “back to the land”. This joyful tribute to love, laughter and music features two-dozen classic Beatles songs, from “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to “All You Need is Love”, performed live on stage. The original Bard production played to sold-out houses in 2018 and has triumphed on tour since then. 

One of the most joyous productions in Bard’s history… You’d have to be a real Nowhere Man not to be on your feet and singing along.” (Vancouver Sun, 2018)  

A total blast… and entirely in the spirit of the Bard. (Chicago Sun-Times, 2021) 

Developed by Bard on the Beach and Citadel Theatre Artistic Director Daryl Cloran. Directed by Daryl Cloran. Runs June to September. * 


“Et tu, Brute?” (Julius Caesar). Shakespeare’s riveting drama tells the story of a brilliant military leader who is offered political power, betrayed by those he trusts – and is ultimately murdered. This age-old tale, in a modern setting this season, is about the human drive to get and hold on to power, often at any cost, and the chaos that ensues when others plot to take it away. Julius Caesar speaks powerfully to the current political landscape with its damaged integrity and morality – with profound implications for us all.    

Directed by Cherissa Richards (Harlem Duet, 2022). Runs June to September.   

On the Howard Family Stage 


A war. A bombed-out tavern. The owner, Mistress Quickly, shelters in the wreckage. Thus begins the tale of two Empires, Eastland and Ferone, and of Prince Hal, manipulated by false advisors, who commands a bloody siege. Greed, empire, and destruction prevail. Can there be another way? Can a few, a happy few, turn the tide towards love? Shakespeare’s famous story is set this season in a mythical realm and steeped in fantasy, with all the play’s traditional power preserved. 

Adapted and directed by Lois Anderson (The Taming of the Shrew, 2019; Lysistrata, 2018). Runs from June to August. 


When three Goblins come across a copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, they decide to co-opt a theatre space and cajole an audience into participating in their attempt at “doing theatre” – using Macbeth as their raw material because it’s short… and has lots of blood! Get set to dive into an interactive experience that has played to sold-out houses and delighted Calgary patrons and critics. 

Shakespeare goblins veer from inspired lunacy to riveting command of the language. Unpredictable, unrestrained and uninhibited, Goblin: Macbeth is the stage equivalent of a theme park funhouse ride.” (The Calgary Herald)  

“… absolutely brilliant. A perfect mix of high-quality, precision Shakespeare, ingenious creativity, and cleverly crafted humour.” (Calgary theatre patron)    

Originally produced by The Shakespeare Company and Hit and Myth Productions in Calgary. A Spontaneous Theatre creation by Rebecca Northan, with Bruce Horak. Original music by Ellis Lalonde. Runs from August to September. 


Advance sales of 2023 Bard Season Packs begin Wednesday, September 14, 2022 and offer the largest discount of the year on tickets for all four productions. The Regular and Premium Season Pack prices – $172 and $200 – will be in effect until September 30, after which the price of both voucher packages will rise. Flex Packs go on sale in November; single tickets in early April 2023. Order Season Packs now through the Bard website – – or by calling the Bard Box Office at 604-739-0559.  

* NOTE: All run dates are subject to change. Full schedule and 2023 Season special event information available in early 2023.  

The 2022 Season continues until September 24 and all details are at

About Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival    

Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals. Established in 1990 in Sen̓ákw/Vanier Park, Bard’s mission is to create transformational experiences through exceptional theatre, training, and education opportunities that inspire, resonate, and promote the exchange of ideas. As well as an annual summer Festival, Bard offers year-round education and training programs for youth, adults and theatre professionals both online and in its administrative home at the BMO Theatre Centre in Olympic Village, as well as for schools and community facilities throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.       


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