A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Unsuspecting mortals find themselves in an enchanted wood where magic and mayhem rule. Perfect for Young Shakespeareans, this play sparks their imaginations and invites them to bring all the silliness they can muster to the stage.


When the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears asking for revenge, Hamlet is faced with a dilemma and ponders one of life’s biggest questions: “to be, or not to be”. In one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and memorable plays, mystery meets friendship, family duty and the supernatural.

Julius Caesar

As the famous Julius Caesar rises to power, the Roman republic is threatened. Friendships are tested by ambition and the characters in the play must stand up for what they believe is right. But what is right?


Macbeth encounters three weird sisters who speak of fortunes that seem too good to be true. Are they telling the truth? Have they cast some kind of spell? Or are they just playing tricks? One thing is certain… something wicked this way comes!

Richard III

Sibling rivalry and family conflict have never been more dangerous, but Richard III makes his brutal ascent to the throne nothing less than gripping. With a cast of amazing characters, this play demonstrates how Shakespeare turned history into pop culture.

The Tempest

A spell is cast. A ship is wrecked. And Prospero is presented with a choice: use magical powers to take revenge or find a greater power through forgiveness and love.

Twelfth Night

Viola survives a shipwreck, only to land alone in a new city. Plus, Viola ends up in the middle of an awkward love triangle- in disguise! Can Viola untangle this web?

Romeo & Juliet

One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays shows us what happens when a society chooses rivalry over romance, while the young people at the heart of the story express what’s most important in life using the most exquisite language.

Bard on Film (Partnership with Cinematheque)

The way we share and enjoy Shakespeare’s plays has come a long way in 400 years. This workshop celebrates a new lens: participants will learn the basics of camera operation, lighting, sound, and adapt their favourite Shakespeare text for the screen!