I’m the youngest member of the Bard Benefactor donor group – and I’m often left wondering where my fellow Millennial-era, Young Professionals are. To inspire more young people to give, I’d like to share the three main reasons why I support Bard on the Beach:

1)  Bard is a fun family

Bard makes being a donor fun, especially for theatre nerds like me. As a Benefactor, I’m invited to attend receptions and chat with designers, directors, choreographers, actors, and other artists that make the plays come to life each summer. At each of these events, I’m genuinely welcomed and thanked by staff, volunteers, and artists for being a part of the Bard Family. I also love to peek behind the scenes at Members-Only Backstage Tours and at dress rehearsals before the plays open to the public.

2)  Bard is well managed

Bard is a lean organization. It’s one of the largest arts organizations in BC, but I find it encouraging to know that 60-70% of its revenues flow directly to putting on the best possible plays. Another large chunk of the Bard budget is dedicated to the delivery of educational programming for students and burgeoning young theatre artists.

3)  Donating is cheap and easy

First, I give monthly, which makes donating at the Benefactor level more financially viable than giving in a lump sum. Second, donations in BC only cost about half of the listed price due to how the government values tax receipts. A donation of $1,000 will net me roughly $470 off my annual tax bill. Essentially, I’m empowered to direct a portion of my taxes directly to a cultural entity I have come to love and cherish, instead of paying it to the government.

These are just a few reasons why you may choose to give to Bard too. I encourage you to consider joining me and to become a Bard donor today!

Note: Sam is a former employee of Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. He is now the Director of Development for the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society which annually produces the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the award-winning Out in Schools education program.