Whether you’re a first-time opera-goer or a true aficionado, Opera & Arias at Bard on the Beach is the perfect opportunity to take in beautiful surroundings and beautiful music in one delicious experience. This year the UBC Opera Ensemble, led by Nancy Hermiston, and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, under Maestro Leslie Dala, will be presenting Mozart’s most famous opera, The Magic Flute (sung in German). Whether you’ve never been to Opera & Arias before or you’re a regular, here are five great reasons you won’t want to miss the concert this summer at Bard.

  1. It’s perfect for opera newbies.
    Opera & Arias is the chance to experience great music in an accessible format. The operas performed at Bard on the Beach are abridged, which keeps everything moving at a lively pace. And just in case you can’t follow those complicated opera plots, Bard’s very own Christopher Gaze is there to help you keep track of everything!
  2. There’s something new for opera lovers.
    No matter how often you’ve seen opera in a regular theatre, you’re in for something unique in the Mainstage theatre tent. Rarely does the audience get to enjoy watching the orchestra onstage, along with the singers. And the artists play in front of a stunning view of the ocean and the mountains.
  3. We’re showcasing some serious talent.
    Along with the stellar performances from the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, Opera & Arias features the amazing UBC Opera Ensemble. This is your chance to see the next generation of opera stars. UBC’s own Simone Osborne had sung at Bard before going on to win the Metropolitan Opera Auditions!
  4. It features a tour-de-force aria.
    Almost everyone will recognize The Queen of the Night’s aria, Der Hölle Rache, as its reach goes far beyond the operatic stage. Whether you savored it in Amadeus, or laughed in the just-released movie Florence Foster Jenkins, this aria is full of awe-inspiringly fast singing. It’s one of Mozart’s greatest masterpieces for the human voice, and you won’t want to miss it.
  5. Opera & Arias is fun!
    It is more relaxed than the usual opera-going experience – rarely would you see anyone wearing shorts and flip-flops to a traditional opera performance. It’s also packed full of comic moments – keep an eye out for the always-entertaining Papageno. It’s clear that the performers are having a blast up there, and it’s wonderful to watch!

Performances on Monday, August 29 and Monday, September 5 – 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. both dates.