If you’ve visited us in Vanier Park before, you know that the Bard Boutique in the Village is home to a collection of unique items – Shakespearean themed and not – including beautiful handmade jewellery from local designers. New to the Bard Boutique this year is a line of jewellery from BuenoStyle. Vancouver-based artist Christi York is the brains behind the operation, using recycled, vintage and eco-conscious materials to create the dazzling pieces you’ll find in the Bard Boutique. We spoke to Christi about the inspiration behind her designs and what she loves most about designing for BuenoStyle.

Bard: When did you start designing jewellery and how did you become interested in it?

I’ve always been creative and crafty and into handmade things. The thread thoughout all of my creative endeavours has been (re)using found objects. Once I figured out that I could create jewellery out of vintage objects, that was one creative outlet that has “stuck” for about 10 years now.

Christi York, the designer behind Bueno StyleBard: Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

I absolutely get inspiration purely from the objects themselves. I don’t follow trends, or even buy fashion magazines. I gravitate towards objects instinctually, and I may hold onto a piece for literally years before I find the right pieces to go with it.

I may get influenced by real people’s style – street style – I love people watching. I do follow The Sartorialist on Instagram, because even though he photographs high fashion, he also photographs street style and I appreciate very stylish people who can really put an outfit together (probably because I’m so NOT like that myself!).

Bard: What do you love most about designing jewellery?

I think part of it is the (almost) immediate gratification and satisfaction of pulling together seemingly disparate objects and tying them into cohesiveness. It’s very satisfying (when it works). I like that I can still surprise myself creatively by making something I hadn’t expected to make. I may start off with one idea and veer off into an entirely different direction. I also love transforming unexpected objects into adornment – like the escutcheon cuffs or the salvaged post office number jewellery. It surprises people when they figure it out what it is.

I’m also very lucky that travel fits in well with my job. My husband is British, and we visit there at least once a year, so I get to hunt around dusty antique shops in the UK. I get to travel to vintage warehouses in New York as well. Talk about a bonus!

Bard: How do you think your experience in graphic design, floral design and photography have influenced your work?

The common thread in all of those jobs is colour and composition. Jewellery is the same, just often on a smaller palette!

Bard: Do you have a favourite piece that’s featured in the Bard Boutique this summer?

I’m very fond of my line of riveted cuffs right now. I hunt and gather vintage filigrees, ormolu and escutcheons, and rivet them to either a brass or aluminum cuff. There’s a lot of faux-finishing, patina aging and sanding involved. Each one is like a small, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Bard: Other than the Bard Boutique, where can jewellery lovers find your pieces?

For a full listing of all my retails stores, plus many one-of-a-kind pieces you may not find in retail stores – visit www.buenostyle.com

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