With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re starting to feel the love in the air (and we may have already indulged in the chocolate that comes along with it). This rainy weather has us daydreaming about the summer months and the thrill of a new season at Bard on the Beach. From experience, we know that a trip to a tent in the park can be the perfect opportunity for romance.

Here are eight reasons to bring that special someone to Bard…

1. We’ll make their date night dreams come true: This year’s performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost will be like taking them to that swanky jazz club they’ve always wanted to go to, only better – along with live music, this one has Shakespeare and a spectacular backdrop for good measure.

2. It’s the most romantic rain check of all time: The weather may be dreary during these winter months, but come summer the Bard Village in Vanier Park boasts some of the greatest spots for a sunset walk and a pre-show picnic…did we mention Wine Wednesdays?

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3. You might fall in love: Some of our Bard volunteers and actors met during our summer season and are still going strong years later. What can we say? We know how to inspire romance.

4. It’s sure to be unique: Flowers can say “I didn’t know what else to get you” and jewellery’s just plain expensive, but Flex Packs? PRICELESS (not technically, but the Bard experience will be).  

5. We make date night decisions easy: Can’t decide whether to spend the night under the stars, sip wine on the beach or see a play? Why not do all three? You’re welcome.

6. No waiting in line: So you’ve forgotten a gift, and now you’re stuck waiting in line to grab something last minute like a box of chocolates with the rest of the city. Save the trip and buy a Gift Card or Flex Pack online, then slip it into the beautiful card you bought well in advance (right?).

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7. We can set the mood when you don’t know how to: If you can’t find the right words to express your love for your Valentine, let one of the best writers of all time do it for you. We’ve got your back, and Shakespeare does too. 

8. We’ve got corners to kiss in: Bard may not be the only place with this on offer, but we like to think our tented village makes for the perfect spot for a moonlit smooch. We’ll provide the romantic background and the preshow lighting, and leave the rest up to you. 

Do you have your own romantic Bard memory? Share it below!