Wardrobe malfunctions and other technical mishaps are always a possibility during live performance but nothing could prepare the audience for what was about to happen at the Twelfth Night dress rehearsal last night. Our invited volunteers, members, board members and staff streamed down to the Village in Vanier Park, to be this season’s very first audience members! After a warm welcome from Christopher Gaze, the lights went down, the audience hushed and everything seamlessly moved along until Malvolio’s (Allan Zinyk) monologue. After discovering Olivia’s (Jennifer Lines) letter, Malvolio’s excitement grew and with that his moustache began slipping off. Being a true professional, Allan continued his speech, pressing the moustache back to his lip over and over again. Our first audience rush inMeanwhile, the audience’s laughter built to a crescendo until he finally gave in and brought the house down with his hilarious improvisation skills. We thought the spa scene, with its precariously placed towels, had much more potential for wardrobe malfunction (and it probably does!) but it turned out to be Malvolio’s moustache that stole the show.

On Sunday evening more of our wonderful supporters were given the first peek at this year’s highly anticipated production of Hamlet. Immediately, the audience was thrown into modern day with iPhones, iPads and contemporary, minimalist decor. Director Kim Collier, along with Christopher introduced the performance pointing out they may stop and start for technical reasons but instead the audience was treated to a straight run through, no stops; and what a treat it was! We don’t want to give too much away but we can tell you that the moustaches stayed in place and the music played on.

 Volunteers and members ready for Twelfth Night

To find out how to be the first to see Measure For Measure and Elizabeth Rex and how to get other exclusive benefits, including backstage tours, click here. Twelfth Night & Hamlet previews begin this week! Have you got your tickets yet?