Twelfth Night director Dennis Garnhum and Twelfth Night/Hamlet actor Barbara Pollard share their favourite moments of the season.
Jonathon Young, Daniel Doheny and Rachel Cairns - Twelfth Night Curtain Call (Photo Credit: David Blue)Dennis: My favourite moment was during the dress rehearsal for Twelfth Night, watching the audience file in. They had such joy and excitement on their faces – it made my heart leap and it made me think we would be in good hands with our audiences – and we have been. Watching this company of actors play together and be truly present to the audience has been the thing I will remember the most. It always feels like a celebration when these particular actors get together and it makes me proud.

Barbara: My favourite moment was while I was sitting down at an outdoor table on the two show day when we have a quick turn around.The company, happily, feeds us according to the rules we work under and sometimes just because they love us. So I almost always eat salad with some protein, but know I need to eat to keep the strength going and the dinner is too damn delicious; moist tender beef, mashed potatoes gravy and salad and some things I can’t resist. Now I know why I never cook mashed potatoes in the summer! I was sitting with cast members of Elizabeth Rex, getting to know them and moaning that I have to limit my enjoyment of the delicious food because “I have to get back into a corset!” I was sitting with Dustin Freeland, Anton Lipovetsky and Haig Sutherland: “SO DO WE!” they replied. I was definitely looking for sympathy from the wrong crowd.

Anton Lipovetsky (Left), Lois Anderson (Centre) and Dustin Freeland (Right) relaxing in their corsets backstage (Photo Credit: Sereana Malani)

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