I know, I know, autumn is here. Bard is over (*sob), it’s raining out and you wish you could recapture those amazing moments you spent with us this summer. Well, here’s a way to do just that!

The actors and production team you saw this summer at Bard are busy year-round on projects around Vancouver and across Canada. Here are a few of the productions you can catch some Bardies at this season:

Photo by David Cooper Other Desert Cities – September 19 – October 20
Stanley Theatre, Arts Club

Other Desert Cities is written by Jon Robin Baitz and was a finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play chronicles what happens when a liberal-minded writer returns to the family home in Palm Springs for Christmas with a bombshell in the form of a manuscript.
Measure For Measure’s Musical Director Benjamin Elliott is cast as the writer’s younger brother Tripp in this Arts Club production directed by Elizabeth Rex director, Rachel Ditor. Rounding out the production team is Drew Facey (2013 Studio Stage Scenic Designer) designing the costumes and Adrian Muir (2013 Studio Stage) providing the lighting design.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – September 26 – October 20Photo illustration by Emily CooperLangara College, Studio 58

Need some Dream to tide you over until our production next summer? Why not check out Studio 58’s production this fall!

Set in the early 1900s in a quaint village deep in the Carpathian Mountains, this version of the classiccomedy of love features ‘vampire’ fairies that torment and taunt all who dare enter the woods!

Directed by Bard alum Scott Bellis, with set design by Pam Johnson (Hamlet & Twelfth Night) and music by Anton Lipovetsky (Lucio, Measure For Measure/ Harry, Elizabeth Rex) it’s a play you can really sink you teeth in to!*

*I am not apologizing for the vampire pun.

Photo by David CooperVenus in Fur – October 3 – November 2
Granville Island Stage, Arts Club

David Mackay (Angelo, Measure For Measure/Lord Robert Cecil, Elizabeth Rex) directs this quick-witted and seductive Broadway hit about a young actress auditioning for the lead in Venus in Fur, a new play based on the infamous novel that inspired the term “masochism”. During her charged audition with the demanding writer-director, the role-playing turns into an erotically charged game, exploring the nature of dominance and submission between men and women.

The Great Gatsby – October 15 – November 10Image by Punch & Judy DesignEpcor Centre for the Performing Arts, Theatre Calgary

If you’re heading to Calgary, or itching for a reason to go road-tripping, have we got one for you! Dennis Garnhum, the wonderful director of Twelfth Night, returned to Calgary and his post as Artistic Director of Theatre Calgary, taking some Bard mainstays with him…

Hamlet director Kim Collier helms this production of Gatsby and has brought together a cast brimming with Bardies: Craig Erickson (Hamlet/Twelfth Night) stars as Tom Buchanan, Jennifer Lines (Hamlet/Twelfth Night) as Lucille McKee, Haig Sutherland (Measure For Measure/Elizabeth Rex) as Chester McKee, Jonathon Young (Hamlet/Twelfth Night) as Nick Carraway and Bob Frazer (Macbeth/The Taming of the Shrew) in the title role of Jay Gatbsy.