Bard Education’s Mission, Vision and Values

Bard Education’s Mission: 

Inspiring community through dynamic, engaging experiences of Shakespeare


Bard Education’s Vision:

Creating opportunities for participants of all ages, cultural backgrounds, genders, neighbourhoods, abilities, and personalities to be creative, collaborative, and courageous as they express themselves through Shakespeare. We celebrate individual identity while nurturing compassion and collaboration through Shakespeare’s language and stories. 


Bard Education’s Values:

Safety: We commit to everyone’s safety and well-being and have developed detailed policies, procedures, and practices to support this.

Respect: We commit to creating an environment of respect in which everyone can be courageous because they are welcomed, heard, and supported.

Enthusiasm: We embrace a non-judgmental atmosphere in which we celebrate exploration, discovery, generosity, collaboration, playfulness, and joy.


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The Bard Education Bursary Fund

Established in 2009 by the Bard Volunteers, the fund helps individuals, families, schools, and organizations overcome financial barriers to participation in our programs. Nearly $20,000 is raised and distributed annually.