August 19 – September 17 · Howard Family Stage

When three Goblins come across a copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, they’re intrigued by a writer who clearly knows his witches, faeries, goblins and monsters. They decide to co-opt a theatre space and cajole an audience into participating in their first attempt at “doing theatre”. They choose Macbeth because it’s short…and has lots of blood! Get set for a unique theatre experience with this joyfully interactive production.

Shakespeare goblins veer from inspired lunacy to riveting command of the language. Unpredictable, unrestrained and uninhibited, Goblin: Macbeth is the stage equivalent of a theme park funhouse ride.” The Calgary Herald

…absolutely brilliant. A perfect mix of high-quality, precision Shakespeare, ingenious creativity, and cleverly crafted humour.” Calgary theatre patron

Originally produced by The Shakespeare Company and Hit and Myth Productions in Calgary. A Spontaneous Theatre creation by Rebecca Northan, with Bruce Horak. Original music by Ellis Lalonde.

Season and production run dates subject to change.

Content Advisory: Offstage murder, strong language, violence


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Photo Credit: The GoblinsPhoto: Terry Manzo, Image Design: Emily Cooper

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