Director John Murphy speaking to the crowd at the Measure For Measure opening

This is it, we’ve offically opened both stages! 

Thursday saw the opening of John Murphy’s music-fueled Measure For Measure and Sunday we witnessed powerhouse actor Colleen Wheeler in her role as Queen Elizabeth in director Rachel Ditor’s version of Timothy Findley’s Elizabeth Rex.

The Studio Stage is where we present some of Shakespeare’s lesser-known works or innovative staging of his classics, or in this case, one of his ‘problem plays’ in reportory with a work by a Canadian playwright!

Studio Stage Costume Designer Mara Gottler and Colleen Wheeler

Lois Anderson & Director Rachel Ditor at the opening of Elizabeth Rex

Luc Roderique, Sereana Malani, Chris Cochrane & Bonnie Northgraves

Scott Bellis & Anousha Alamian, seen last year at Bard in King John