Student Group Bookings FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Dates

When do you hold performances for Student Group Bookings?

The discounted rate for student groups is available for select afternoon matinee performances in June and September. Due to high demand, we often offer a limited number of tickets at the student group rate for select evening previews in June.

We would like to see a Bard on the Beach performance, but can’t make any of the dates. Can you put on more student group performances?

We would love to perform more for students, but as an outdoor summer festival we are extremely limited in what we can offer to schools in June and September.

We can’t make the matinee or evening performances. Why can’t the performances be earlier in the day?

Our artists are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association, and we operate under the guidelines of this labour association. In order to provide a reasonable length of day and a reasonable time of rest between working days, we are unable to start our performances any earlier than 1pm.

Is there a deadline for submitting a booking request?

You may submit an online booking request at any time after February 14, and our Student Group Coordinator will be in touch as soon as possible about availability. If there are tickets available for the performance you would like, we will reserve them at that time. If not, we will take your details, put you on a waiting list, and let you know if spaces become available.

We’ve been put on a waiting list. What are our options?

Many schools who reserve tickets subsequently change their plans, so we keep schools on a waiting list and contact them if spaces become available. Student group tickets may be available for other performances, so it’s worth checking with us. Students can of course attend at any other time throughout the season at the Global BC Youth Rate of $32 per ticket. (Note: infants and children under 6 years of age are not permitted to attend performances, and patrons under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.)

Our school is too far away to attend Bard. Will you be touring at all?

Unfortunately we do not tour our productions at this time. We do offer Bard in the Classroom workshops throughout the Lower Mainland. If you are interested in booking a workshop, please click here or email


    Payment and Ticketing

    How many tickets can we buy?

    For June performances there is a limit of 100 tickets per school, including chaperones (we require one chaperone for every 15-20 students). There is no ticket limit for the student matinee performances in September.

    We cannot make the full payment in August as school is not in session at that time. Can we pay later or on the day of the performance?

    We have been flexible with school payments in the past and have unfortunately had groups either not show up and/or not make their payment. This has resulted in significant, unrecoverable lost revenue for Bard, which is a not-for-profit theatre company. It has also prevented other school groups from being able to come. As a result, our payment deadlines are firm and any tickets not paid for by the deadline will be released. Please make plans well in advance.

    How can I make payments?

    We prefer payment to be made by credit card over the phone at 604-739-0559; we accept Visa and MasterCard. Cheques mailed to Bard on the Beach from the school may also be accepted, however please keep in mind postage times when submitting cheques as we are unable to extend payment deadlines or hold reservations for delayed cheques.

    What if some of our students cannot go? Can we get a refund?

    All payments are non-refundable so please check your numbers carefully before making your final payment. Final payments for bookings made on or before April 13th are due May 11th. Final payments for bookings made after April 13th are due two weeks prior to the performance date.

    Can I make adjustments to my order after it has been booked?

    Yes. You may reduce numbers up until the final payment deadline, and you may increase numbers up to the performance date, subject to availability. However, please keep in mind we are unable to issue refunds on payments received. To make adjustments, call 604-739-0559. Please be aware that additional tickets requested after the initial booking, if available, may not be booked in the same area of the theatre.

    If we cannot make our original performance, can we change to a different one?

    As there are a limited number of performances for schools it may not be possible to move groups into different performance times. If we have the capacity to do so, you may be able to make a one-time change. Call 604-739-0559 to inquire.

    How many adult tickets can we include in our booking?

    We require that all schools provide one adult chaperone for every 15-20 students attending. The chaperone tickets are included in the 100 ticket limit, and will be charged at the reduced rate ($22). If you would like to book adult tickets beyond the chaperone requirement, these can be booked at our regular ticket price as additional tickets.

    Other theatre companies do not charge teachers and/or chaperones for their tickets. Why does Bard?

    The ticket price for our student matinees is extremely low: more than 50% off a regular-priced A-Zone ticket. We have decided it is better to charge less for everyone in the group, rather than charge more for students and issue free tickets.

    Why are schools limited to 100 tickets to the June matinee performances?

    As it is only possible to schedule a limited number of student matinees in June, and due to the high demand for these performances, we limit groups to a maximum of 100 to allow access to as many schools as possible.

    How will I get the tickets?

    Your tickets will be available for pick up at the Box Office beginning one hour before show time. Tickets may be available earlier on the day of, although this is not guaranteed. Tickets may only be picked up by the designated chaperone in charge on the day of the performance. Please pick them up no later than 30 minutes prior to show time, as it takes time to organize your group and distribute the tickets to your students.

    Can you mail the tickets to us?

    We do not mail tickets to student groups; they are only available for collection from the Box Office on the day of the performance and no earlier.

    Will our group be sitting all together?


    We generally seat groups together, however it may sometimes be necessary to split groups into different sections. As it is reserved seating, we ask that you sit in the specific seats allocated to you and that teachers sit among the students.


    Play and Venue Information

    Should I be concerned about violent or mature content in any of the plays?

    Our 2018 plays portray a range of situations and actions. There are portrayals of physical violence in Macbeth, and sexually suggestive language and elements in Lysistrata. Please remember that our productions are aimed at people of all ages, and have not been adapted for students, so please use your discretion based on the themes of the play you’d like to attend. If you have specific questions or concerns about the suitability of the plays for your students, please contact our Director of Education, Mary Hartman, at

    Is the site wheelchair accessible?

    Yes! Please remember to let us know upon booking if anyone in your group has any special requirements, so that we can reserve seats accordingly.


    Making the Most of Your Visit

    Can we book a Bard in the Classroom workshop to coincide with our visit?

    Yes! We’d be delighted to come to your school in the Lower Mainland. If you are travelling from farther away, it may be possible for us to organize a workshop in Vancouver at the BMO Theatre Centre, where we design and rehearse our productions. Email to find out more.

    If you have any further questions or comments about bringing your students to the Festival, please feel free to contact us at 604-739-0559 or