Bard Unbound

Drawing on more than twenty years’ experience teaching Shakespeare through performance, Bard’s Director of Education Mary Hartman leads classroom teachers in professional development workshops, giving them tools to bring the text to life in any classroom. The workshops provide practical techniques and exercises adaptable for a wide range of grade levels, and are ideally suited to both the English language arts/literature classroom as well as the drama studio. Workshops can focus on any of Shakespeare’s plays and can be custom designed to serve your particular school or district.

“I can honestly say that I will never teach Shakespeare the same way again! I was inspired, engaged, entertained, and I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard during a Shakespeare class. I left your workshop feeling extremely motivated to be a better teacher and my love for Shakespeare grew even more.” Anja Zulic, English/ELL teacher at Alpha Secondary

“Wow, Mary is an inspired practitioner…..the type of work that changed the way I entered the school on Monday morning.” Jason Donaldson, Gulf Islands Secondary School

  • Full day (3 hour morning block and 2 hour afternoon block)
  • Introductory half-day (3 hour block)

For more information on program design contact Mary Hartman at [email protected].

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