Donations of Stock

Transferring publicly traded securities to Bard on the Beach can be a tax smart way to support Bard. By donating publicly traded securities* you are not subject to capital gains tax on those securities. And, you will receive a charitable tax receipt equal to the fair market value of the securities donated.

To get started with a donation of Publicly traded securities follow these simple steps

  1. Download this securities transfer form and fill it out with your financial advisor.
  2. Fax this form to Bard on the Beach at 604-737-0425 and to our Broker as listed on the form.
  3. Once the securities have been transferred, our broker will sell them as per our policy and notify us in writing of the closing bid value on the day the securities were sold.
  4. We will issue an official tax receipt for the value of the securities.

Talk to your financial advisor or tax consultant today or contact our Development office at 604-737-0625 for more details.

*Eligible securities include shares, debt obligations or rights listed on a prescribed stock exchange, a share of the capital stock of a mutual fund corporation, a unit of a mutual fund trust, an interest in a related segregated fund trust or a prescribed debt obligation.