Riotous Youth 2024 Application

Thank you for your interest in Riotous Youth 2024. Bard on the Beach is proud to offer this post-secondary internship to people considering careers in theatre and arts education.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to interview. Following interviews, we will be in touch with successful applicants with the details of their offer.

Deadline to submit applications is 11:59pm on January 15, 2024. 

PLEASE NOTE: The application includes long-form responses and a creative submission in the format of your choosing (see application form for details). You’re encouraged to review the full form and draft your responses in a separate document to ensure that you have considered and prepared all required criteria.

Questions? Contact Katie Johnstone at [email protected].


 November 1, 2023 Applications open
January 15, 2024 Application deadline
January- February 2024 Follow-up interviews with short-listed candidates
February 2024 Successful candidates receive offers
Submission Form for Riotous Youth 2024


Interest and Availability

If you don't have professional experience working with young people, you may share a personal experience.


Maximum file size: 516MB

Creative Submission

Please submit an interpretation of one line of Shakespeare text that resonates with you. Your interpretation can be a written piece, a recorded performance, a piece of visual art or music, etc. As you put your piece together, please be intentional about your creative choices and use your imagination!