Request support from the Bard Access Fund for an Individual or Family

We invite you to apply at any time. Applications will be considered as they are submitted and based on available funds. 

Applications are held in confidence, and complete information is available only to the Access Fund’s Administrator. The Access Fund’s Committee will review materials with the applicants’ names removed and will determine awards based entirely on demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds.

If you have questions or need help with the application process, please contact our Access Fund’s Administrator, Ashley Naim.

Submit a Request

To apply, please submit the Bard Access Fund Application by email to Ashley Naim or by mail: Attn:Bard Access Fund Administrator, Bard on the Beach, BMO Theatre Centre, 201 – 162 West 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0H6.

Please note: the completion of the Bard Access Fund Application Form does not register you for the program. You will still need to complete any registration packages required for that program – please see the program page for details.

To check your application or registration status, please contact the Access Fund Administrator at [email protected]. Applicants will be notified of their result by email.