Done/Undone: Support Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Includes: Mental health resources for BIPOC viewers and guides on allyship for non-black folks

Resources for our BIPOC viewers:
Therapy for Black Girls
Therapy for Black Men
Inclusive Therapists
Decolonizing Therapy
Black Emotional Mental Health Toolkits and Resources
Grief is a direct impact of racism: Eight ways to support yourself

Guides on allyship for non-Black folks
Do the Work: an Anti-Racist Reading List
A Guide to White Privilege
Compilation of resources on how to be an ally
Anti-racism resources for white people
Being Antiracist

Sexual Assault Crisis Lines and Support Resources

Includes: Sexual Assault Centres, Crisis Lines, and Support Services by province

Local Resources & Support

Includes: Mental Health Support, Local Distress Centres and Crisis Organizations by postal code