Bard in the Classroom

Bring Shakespeare’s words to life for your students with a workshop led by a professional theatre artist. Available year round, workshops focus on plays in our season or in the school curriculum or can provide a general introduction using text from several plays. Active, engaging and energetic, our workshops give students first-hand experience in the art of playing Shakespeare.

Through the use of voice, movement and acting exercises, students will have the opportunity to explore the plot, characters and language and learn how to bring the text to life. These interactive sessions are both informative and fun, nurturing the students’ sense of discovery and play.

“This program is an absolute must! I saw children come out of their shells and excel in ways I never dreamed possible. The instructor was so skilled in both motivating and guiding the children through this amazing opportunity.” Teacher, Brooksbank Elementary

To book a Bard in the Classroom workshop, please fill in the form below. After submitting your request, you should receive an e-mail reply within five business days. If you do not hear back from us, please call 604.737.0625 ext 243.

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Bard in the Classroom Workshop Request

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